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    Champion Status Training

    "GOD... GRIND... GO TIME "


  • About Us

    Why Us?

    We are an organization centered around faith, family, education, hard work and success! It's all we practice, it's all we KNOW!



    We Are All About Being A Champion

    We perform our training through agility/strength training sessions for our athletes, while focusing in more so on circuit training along with HIIT (high intensity-interval training) for our fitness clients. Our main population that we cater to are females from all sectors. Young and old are welcomed!


    Training with us will bring immense value to your athletic performance and open many doors of opportunities for the next level . From a fitness standpoint, when training with us, you will gain longevity to your life along with achieving any fitness goals that you may have set out for yourself! Toning of muscles in certain areas of the body is what most ladies aim for, right? And of course overall enhancement in “body physique”.


    We want everyone to know that our Head Trainer "Mo" is very passionate about what she does and brings a different flavor to the scene & industry. A personal quote of hers is " I personal train because it’s definitely a passion and natural gift from God that I’ve carried for as long as I can remember! It fuels me day in and out to be able to help others transform their bodies in ways they would have never imagined. Any gains or goals achieved by my clients is what keeps me rolling"!


    Champion Status Motto: “God, Grind, Go Time”

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    Shana L.

    "She's the best to have ever trained my child for basketball! She cares, she is very detailed, very experienced, and she is the real deal ! Trust me!"

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    Emily W.

    "Very passionate,  professional and knowledgeable sports performance trainer ! She's definitely a hidden gem for Birmingham "

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    Basketball trainer from HEAVEN!!! Mo is hands down the best skill development trainer I have witnessed from Birmingham. She knows how to teach & make a connection with the kids. She knows her stuff for sure!

  • Meet our Founder & Head Trainer!

    "I am looking to break barriers and do the unimaginable through fitness & sports performance training. What I carry is definitely a gift from God"​

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    Head Trainer/Owner

    Monique, known by most as "Mo", carries a deep passion for giving back & being a blessing. She strongly believes that God has created an avenue for her to do this through her gift of sports & fitness. "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the Heaven"(Ecclesiastes 3:1). This is her favorite scripture that she shares with every last one of her clients, for she feels it can apply to their everyday lives and goals that they may have set out for themselves. She stresses to them that God is in ultimate control of everything that goes on and that He also equips us with all we need during our trails! Dedication, willingness to fight, and self-confidence are some of the key things needed to achieve health or athletic goals one may have for themselves. Monique not only lives these words but motivates her clients with them! Knowing this, they ALL meet their GOALS!

  • Athletic Experience

    "It all started with a girl who had a dream"


    "Mo" has had a plethora of awards added to her educational journey/athletic career over a span of 27 years. Athletic recognitions and awards starting from high school until college; involved in the Art Honor Society, Servant Leadership Board, All-Academic Member, All-Conference Member, All-State Member, Regional Member, Sub-Regional Member, and etc. Apart of 3 State of Alabama High School Girls Basketball Championships(Ramsay High School- Birmingham, Al), named MVP of the 2006 State Championship game & First Team Member for Class 5A; Apart of the Alabama–Mississippi All-Star Game, North-South All-Star Game; Later, offered a full athletic scholarship to Centenary College of Louisiana to play women’s basketball, where she was a great asset and ranked #5 out of 9 on the “Top True Freshman” List for D1 basketball(Mid-Continent); after transferring she was awarded again a full scholarship to play for Columbus State University, which was a very great experience she expressed. This is where she finished her athletic career and was recognized as one of the top athletes on her team by the coaching staff. She lead the team in steals & assists & was the 2nd leading scorer.

    A Few Professional Basketball Connections...

    Robert Mosley

    Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

    Texas A&M University


    Bojan Jankovic

    Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

    University of South Florida


    Jay Sparks

    Director of Athletics

    Columbus State University


  • Nutrition

    "Remember to eat clean.... But train dirty"

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    Everybody hears all this talk about nutrition and how important it is for longevity, but do they “really” get it? Is it easy to implement into their everyday lives? I can help with this!

    • Good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health. There are six categories of nutrients that the body needs to acquire from food: protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibers, vitamins and minerals, and water.
    • Portion control is key! Fruit & veggies count for 33% of your plate, bread/rice/starchy foods 33%, milk/other diary 15%, meat/fish 12%, and drinks/foods 7%.
    • Preparation of all foods should be baked, broiled, or grilled. Lightly seasoned, using olive oil or coconut oil if possible. I am not picky about what seasonings are used, just try not to be heavy handed! Flavor is everything, right?

    For more tips, check out one of my favorite sources!


  • Training

    We always strive for the best! Here are different types of training you may experience with Champion Status!

    HIIT- High Intensity Interval Training

    High intensity interval training (HIIT) takes advantage of short, micro bursts of very high intensity exercise, coupled with a short duration of timed recovery. HIIT workouts are very powerful in that they create an “in workout” oxygen deficit in an effort to create EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. EPOC is a physiological condition in which the body is stressed after the workout, utilizing further amounts of energy (above and beyond that required for the actual workout) to replace the used substrates and bring the systems of the body back to resting levels stressed during the HIIT workout. HIIT is powerful if used responsibly but requires recovery between workouts. Refueling, rest, and lots of stretching is what we would suggest if you’re going for this type of workout!

    Circuit Training

    Circuit training involves a series of resistance exercises designed to promote strength and muscle endurance. Circuit training is typically organized in timed, stations of movement, which can be resistance or cardio-based. Most of these workouts are quickly completed with only 10-20 sec rest breaks between stations. We would highly suggest 3-4 rounds to get a great workout in!

    Weight Training

    An essential part of improving strength and muscular endurance, resistance training can incorporate body weight, TRX Suspension Training, free weights, weight machines, etc. Traditional strength training techniques, including super sets (2 or more exercises in a row for opposing muscle groups), giant sets (3 successive exercises targeting the same muscle groups), ascending and descending pyramids and eccentric loading. We know all of this terminology sounds “savvy” to an outsider, but just know that if you partake in any form of resistance training you will definitely yield results!

    Core Training

    The muscles that attach to the spine and pelvis are referred to as the “core muscles”. If you never quite knew “where” it begins and ends, there you go! Now, core exercises recruit one or more large muscle areas (abdominal, back, torso, chest, shoulders, and hips) and involve multiple joints. They are a high priority in terms of both health and performance. A stable core can generate a greater transfer of power to the extremities and can also reduce your risk of injury. Core training is good for all ages but primarily good for athletes, dancers, and for any of you who consider yourselves “active”. It will give you better stability and balance to carry out those everyday life tasks you may have!

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